Landscaping is an arduous task to accomplish, especially if you are just starting to figure things out. Whether you are a newbie or a person who has extensive experience in landscaping, there can always be more to discover and learn when it comes to landscaping. Exploring alternatives and new ways to keep your outdoor space sustainable, functional and attractive can be an interesting project to work on. However, in order for you to achieve a successful result, it is essential to recognize and avoid the common mistakes that you may encounter with your landscaping project.

At Melton Landscaping, we want to help our customers save their time and effort with the landscaping project they plan to work on. That is why our team have gathered some of the most frequent landscaping mistakes that you should avoid to attain the results you require and prefer with ease.

Not setting a budget for the project

Landscaping is one of the most high-ticket home improvement projects to take. That is why it is vital to allocate a budget to ensure you will not end up breaking the bank with the project you plan to have. Before you call a landscaping contractor near you, it is essential to do extensive research about what materials, functionality and style you require for your space. However, if you think you still lack the budget to execute your dream landscape project, you can consider completing them in stages. You can discuss this with your contractor for them to make a phased installation plan to guarantee that you can still achieve the outcome you require even when on a budget.

Not having a holistic plan

Sometimes, we tend to get so excited about the ideas that pop into our minds. Innovative ideas are great but don’t forget that your landscape will appear as a unified whole, so it is vital to carefully consider each element. Before you purchase the materials for the project, pause for a while. Consider how your new idea will work together with your landscape’s overall look and functionality. There must be an excellent balance and proportion in sizes, colours, and textures and theme so not a single element in your landscape will look awkward or out of place.

Picking the wrong plants

You can’t put a plant in your yard just because it is pretty. There are several factors you need to consider to ensure that the plants can live and reach their full potential. Are they suitable for the climate in your area? Do they need a lot of sunlight or shade? Will they grow better in a wet or dry location? Do they prefer clay or sandy soil? The list can go on, so the best proactive solution is not to buy plants on impulse and research about the plant you want before actually purchasing them.

Scalping the grass

Some may think the shorter you cut your grass, the better. Well, who would have thought that this is a common myth you should avoid? Cutting your grass shorter does not mean that you have to mow it less because doing this can actually cause your grass more harm than good. Scalping the grass can result in a bare patch, and if you have this, your grass can be more vulnerable to insect infestations and disease. The tip we can give is to cut your lawn depending on the season. For example, during the summer, it is better to keep the blades of the grass longer so it can get more shade and absorb more water. However, you should cut the blades of the grass shorter when winter comes so the sunlight can still get into the soil.

Forgetting about outdoor lighting

Landscape lighting is of key importance. Through this, you can enjoy your landscaping and outdoor living area even when the sun has gone down. You can put optimal lighting to areas you want to visit even at night, or you can also opt to highlight plants and structures in your outdoor area by adding some accent lighting.

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