Picture this. You are in your yard with a refreshing drink in your hand while watching the kebabs on the grill and the marinated chicken on the oven. Your friends and family are all gathered on your patio, waiting for their tasty meal to arrive. Isn’t it great to spend some quality time with your loved ones like this?

As summertime peeks at the corner, you may be thinking of ways to enjoy your outdoor living area. For you to make the most of the glorious weather with your family and friends, you can establish an outdoor kitchen where you can conveniently prepare hearty meals. At Melton Landscaping, we understand the restrictions of cooking in your indoor kitchen if you are having a gathering in your outdoor space. That is why our team strives to set up a practical and versatile outdoor kitchen for our clients.

An outdoor kitchen can offer you a liberating environment where you can efficiently cook without missing out on your family’s conversation and merriment. However, some may find it hard to set up because of the aspects that need to be considered. Worry no more because we have gathered some simple tips that can help you set up your ideal outdoor kitchen effectively.

Pick the Right Location

Before you start anything, it is crucial to choose the right location to build your outdoor kitchen. This might be a tricky step because you have to find a spot that is not that far from your outdoor living spaces, so you don’t have to worry about travelling too far just to bring the food. It should also be protected from the elements and has an extensive area for storage, cooking and dining.

Provide Ample Shade

This idea is related to the first tip because a location with ample shade can also be an excellent location for your outdoor kitchen. However, the space must not be directly underneath a tree because its leaves, flowers, or branches might fall on your kitchen appliances. If you can’t find a well-shaded spot, you can opt to have an awning or freestanding pergola built. These structures can help lessen the heat around your outdoor kitchen area and protect it from harsh elements.

Keep It Close to Your House

Although it is an outdoor space, building your outdoor kitchen near your house is still more beneficial, so you will not have to travel far when you need another set of cookware and dishes. Since you can’t put all the appliances and kitchen utensils outside, it might be best to place the outdoor kitchen near an entrance to your house.

Think of Your Desired Views

Enjoying a good meal while appreciating the scenic views can be a great way to maximize your outdoors. That is why our team advises that you consider the views you prefer to look at when building an outdoor kitchen. For example, if you have a pool, it might be a good idea to build your outdoor kitchen near it so you can still watch the children even if you are cooking or eating. You can also build one facing your beautiful garden or the lovely views of the mountain in your area.

Choose Weatherproof Materials

Since you will be cooking outside, it is best to invest in weatherproof materials. Besides that, you also have to secure the wiring units and outlets for your electrical appliances. If you use wood for your countertop and other surfaces, you have to ensure that you properly seal it because it might rot and warp during the wet season. You can also opt for moisture-resistant supplies.

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