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Pavers are an economical and durable flooring material that is commonly made of concrete but can also be found in materials like stone. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles to suit any need imaginable. Single units are laid on the surface below which could include compacted road base or sand depending on what you’re looking for your paver floorspace to do (e.g., outdoor living space vs garage).

For the most durable and structurally sound installation, a strong concrete base is required. Stones are installed on top of this foundation to ensure that they stay in place for years to come with mortar or adhesive beneath them. This tradition has been around since ancient times as evidenced by Roman paving techniques still used today!

Pavers are a popular choice for homeowners because they add beauty and sophistication to any space. Pavers come in many different types, including concrete pavers, stone or brick pavers.

Landscaping Melton installs and supplies pavers to all corners of exterior areas in Canberra, ACT. They cover a wide variety of spaces throughout the garden or landscape that are perfect for adding an eye-catching paver design.

Pros of Adding Paving in Your Backyard

Durable – Pavers offer durability that can’t be matched by other materials like concrete and stone because of how they’re made up – with individual blocks joined together in order to form a complete surface. This allows loads of space between each one so there’s plenty of wiggle room when it comes time for uneven weights on top – reducing any risk of cracks or breaking due to pressure changes as the weather shifts throughout years down the line!

Versatile – Pavers can be laid practically anywhere. They come in individual blocks so they are easy to cut and shape for any application, including pool surrounds or other high water received areas.

ReplaceableYou won’t have the headache of replacing an entire flooring area if one or two pavers need replacement in future due to wear and tear.

Cost – Pavers provide an affordable option for homeowners looking to spruce up their outdoor living space. Laying pavers takes less time and labour than other materials, meaning that you can invest your money in a project with lasting effects instead of putting it into something cheap but short-lived.

Low maintenance – Pavers are a low maintenance paving option that is perfect for homeowners with busy schedules. They make it easy to clean up small messes, like little bits of food or dirt tracked-in from outside the home, and they can be pressure washed when needed without too much effort on your part!


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"The team at Melton Landscaping did an outstanding job transforming our backyard recently. They fixed all of the legacy stormwater issues, laid new paving and cladding for us as well as a colorbond fence to top it off - giving us back a beautiful outdoor space we enjoy spending time in with friends and family!"
Ross M
Melton Landscaping team designed a simple, modern design that does not require any maintenance and maximises the limited space. We enjoyed working with them because they respect every detail of our house's original designs while making it look better than we could have hoped for!
Michelle V
When it comes to modern landscaping, Melton Landscaping has a design for everything. The team delivered a simple yet beautiful garden that maximizes the use of limited space and respects the house's aesthetic while requiring minimal maintenance - we would absolutely hire them again!
Carson C

Pool Paving in Melton

Incorporating a pool into your landscape adds a completely new touch of sophistication and functionality. They are the perfect way to spruce up any backyard, giving you that added luxury without spending too much time or money on it! Pool areas provide an excellent area for laying pavers as they look outstanding with the right accompaniments. The smooth surface makes them great for bare feet in warm weather around pools or near pump sources where there is always moisture present – making access easier and more enjoyable than ever before!

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Driveway Paving in Melton

Driveway areas are a great place to put your best foot forward. You want people coming up the driveway to be impressed with what they see and pavers will make an impression that lasts long after you’ve left them behind. Pavers can also have practical benefits like being able to easily fix any cracks, replace tiles if necessary or even clean tar out of the joints when it hardens over time from snow removal operations during winter months!

Alfresco Area Paving in Melton

Alfresco areas are often one of the most utilised and enjoyable parts of your home. As these areas are primarily used for entertaining, we want to ensure that they look their absolute best at all times – investing in a great paving solution is an easy, affordable means by which you can provide yourself with such an area. We offer pavers as a perfect alfresco flooring option since it will create a completely new outdoor living space for you to enjoy while also being low-maintenance! It’ll be possible too match the colourings on our paver designs to those already present on your exterior walls or roof tiles.

You can get more than just paving stones when you hire us. We also offer BBQ areas, pergolas and other great garden landscape features for your outdoor alfresco area!

Entertainment Area Paving in Melton

Entertaining areas should be one of the most important features in a home and Australians use their outdoor spaces to socialise with family, friends, or guests. The Australian climate allows for people to have fun at all times due to our weather being warm year-round which is why it’s common for families and friends alike. Customising your space can make the entertaining area more personalised as well as decorating them so you feel like your own house has been transformed into an entertainment venue!

Pavers are a great choice for your home’s entertainment area, as they have an exceptional durability that resists stains. They can withstand high foot traffic from parties or daily wear-and-tear in areas like the driveway where spills happen more often. Pavers also keep heat from escaping through their thermal mass so you stay warm on cool evenings after long walks with friends without having to wait hours before going back out again!

Stone Paving in Melton

We offer a huge variety of different stone pavers. We source our products from experts in natural stones for both their beauty as well as durability. Their wide selection includes everything you need to build your perfect patio or garden: not only do we offer stone solutions for patios but also walls; retaining barriers, edges in gardens and more!

Stone is a beautiful material that encompasses the colours of the natural landscape into homes and gardens. We can incorporate colour-matched floor pavers to stone used in other features throughout, carrying our design through for an cohesive look. Our landscapers are qualified construction workers who specialise in laying stones as well as building new structures at your home or business with their skillset.

Crazy Paving in Melton

The process of crazy paving, also known as flagstone, is similar to how a mosaic is created. The irregularly shaped pieces are laid and sealed together by hand for an individual design that will never be replicated again.

Imagine how cozy your home will look with this material lining the pool or driveway. It’s a completely different way to create that rustic feel without any of the effort!

Cobblestone Paving in Melton

Cobblestone pavers have been used for centuries to create a variety of flooring. The process is labour-intensive, but the result has often outlasted both its makers and those who walk it every day. Some cobblestones are still there today that were laid hundreds or even thousands of years ago!

We can provide different types too: granite stones with brilliant reds and gold hues; deep brown quartzite stones which bear light pink tones; dazzling white marble slabs whose varying shades offer versatility…the choices are endless when choosing these natural wonders from nature itself.