Want to spruce up the aesthetics of your yard without breaking the bank? Look no more because our team got you covered! At Melton Landscaping, we strive to provide innovative and cost-effective landscaping solutions to all our customers. That is why we have gathered various budget-friendly water feature ideas that you can have in your outdoor areas.

Whether you want a landscaping feature that can serve as a focal point or prefer a simple add-on to enhance the look of your backyard – these water feature ideas can serve as an inspiration for your next project. So what are you waiting for? Check them out and create a quaint and relaxing haven in your backyard.


This simple and affordable water feature works well in various landscaping themes. Aside from the adorable and colourful birds, it can also attract other kinds of wildlife, such as squirrels and raccoons. You can purchase a premade birdbath or create and design one by yourself. It can also be easily installed in your garden. If you want to give it some upgrades, you can install a pump and create a mini fountain or add a fruit-bearing or flowering plant around it to attract beautiful butterflies.

Urn Fountains

Traditional and tiered water fountains will probably cost you a lot but don’t worry because there are still various ways to have an attractive water feature in your garden. If you have urns, pots or containers that are not used and are just stored in your garage, you can transform them into water fountains. However, if you do not have urns or pots, you can also scour some excellent ones in your nearest home depot. You can select urns with various styles, heights and sizes to create an aesthetic addition to your landscape. After that, you can either install the pump by yourself or hire a professional to do the job.

Wall Fountains

If you are running low on ground space but still want to have the relaxing trickle of a water fountain, wall fountains can be your best option. With the use of aesthetically pleasing feature wall sconces, you can design a simple fountain or centrepiece in your plain walls. Find some matching basins or create a small pond where the water can flow freely. However, some wall hanging fountains may have elaborate pump requirements, so it might be best to hire a professional for this project.

Self-Contained Fountains

If you want a water feature that does not require a large budget and labour-intensive excavation, a self-contained fountain can be an excellent choice. One of the best advantages of self-contained fountains is that you can move them around your landscape or take them with you if you decide to move to another place. Since this type of fountain already includes a pump, plumbing and power source, you will not have a problem installing it. You can also set it in the centre of your garden or surround it with beautiful flowers to create a visually appealing feature in your outdoor area.

Splash Pads

Another cost-friendly water feature you can try is a splash pad. You can add this anywhere in your garden. Besides that, splash pads also come in a myriad of styles, so you will have diverse design choices. Compared to koi ponds and water fountains, this project’s installation, maintenance, and materials are more affordable. Through this water feature, your kids or pets can have fun in your yard during the hot months.

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